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17 January 2002

Every once in awhile, The Onion does an article that reminds me of why I read it. This one was lovely.

So. We got DSL back in 24 hours rather than 72 as they were saying on the phone. I was not happy at the latter prospect, and the only comfort they had to offer me about the 72 hour period was that if I called during business hours at the end of it, they would connect me to advanced tech support directly. Directly! Imagine that!

There's at least one note from Tuesday night that hasn't arrived yet. I don't know if there are others.

Also, their stinkin' box took a chunk of flesh from my thumb.

Is there anybody out there who really, genuinely likes their ISP?

Oh, oh, sidetracking me from all of that: quantum gravitational effects have been observed! Wooohoo! Do you know how cool this is? Very. Very very very very cool. Very. Thing is, last time I heard, none of the theories of quantum gravity were uniquely feasible -- that is, some of them were feasible but had many untestable facets (not just untestable under our current technology, but untestable), and some didn't seem to work in context. But that's okay. Phenomenological science is even cooler. That's just really exciting.

Yes. I can still get hyper over physics.

For what I think is one last link: today's Ozy and Millie amused me. Having been a grade school playwright and all.

So. There's a part of me that's whispering, "Do another story-a-day week. Come on. You can do it. You've already got two-for-two. That's just five more stories. You can do that with your eyes closed." I'm trying to get this novel edited and sent out and work on this other novel and take care of two sick guys and.... Last year's story-a-day week was fun, but I was only working on one novel at the time. And five more stories, no matter how far into the zone I am, is nothing to sneeze at. I cannot, in fact, do it with my eyes closed.

On the other hand, if it happens, you know...wouldn't be a bad thing....

The link I forgot to put up awhile back for Finnish pages was this one. Sorry 'bout that.

So after I finished Perdido Street Station (go read it) yesterday afternoon, I read Lloyd Alexander's The Gawgon and the Boy, because I loved the Chronicles of Prydain and the Westmark books and the Vesper Holly Adventures (all of which are sitting on my shelves now, except for The Philadelphia Adventure, which was written once I considered myself Grown-Up, so I have to buy it yet). Well. The Gawgon and the Boy was a big disappointment, but at least he avoided the obvious plot featuring boy and elderly aunt. (The obvious plot: elderly aunt is crotchety, but over the course of the book, boy realizes that she knows a lot and can really be a lot of fun. Blah. In this case, the boy realizes it pretty much right off.) Then I started Practical Demon-Keeping, which is another Christopher Moore. It's okay so far, not as good as Blood-Sucking Fiends or Coyote Blue, but I was a little annoyed when Lovecraft came into it, and I hope he stops.

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