In Which Our Heroine Finishes a Book and Buys Sheets

10 May 2006

Yesterday I finished the rough draft of The Mark of the Sea Serpent. Yay book! I got to have some celebrating yesterday, and I took today off. I even mostly managed to take today off rather than using it for all sorts of non-writing chores, which is my general approach to days off from writing. I'm now reading A Princess of Roumania, which was free at Minicon.

Tomorrow I will print MSS in ms form, and I will see if it's time to start taking a red pen to it or whether I should work on some short stories first. It's all a matter of what feels right at this point.

Also in the last week I've gotten contributor's copies for On Spec, Challenging Destiny, and Fictitious Force. So if you're interested in print mags or e-zines with my stuff in it, now's your chance. Go forth. Read.

Last week at Target I bought white sheets. It's a silly thing, but I've wanted white sheets since I was 10 years old. When I was 10, I wanted to be a ghost and literally could not find any white sheets in anything like an affordable price range for a Halloween costume. I ended up a pale beige ghost. (My mom objected to the concept of such a simplistic costume -- what fun was that to make, and with me getting so close to the end of my trick-or-treating years? -- so I became a fashion victim ghost. In pale beige.) But I decided I liked the look of white sheets.

When we got sheets when we got married, it made sense to get bright-dark colors: navy, hunter green, burgundy. I like those colors. They went with our comforter at the time. But now the duvet cover is blue and white, and the white sheets just look so inviting with it. I am obscurely pleased. It seems like such a silly thing -- and we could probably have afforded white sheets for most of the time we've been married, and probably could have found them, too. But we had received Perfectly Good Sheets for wedding presents, so it wasn't until a sale on nice sheets last week at Target that I got the white ones.

I'm glad I did. When they say it's sometimes the simple things, I think they may be wrong. It's nearly always the simple things. It's just that sometimes it's a vector sum of a million of them instead of just two or three.

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