In Which Our Heroine Is Hungry, No, Really

16 May 2006

So. Mark and I got back from Grand Rapids yesterday. Got to hold and snuggle and make faces at the niecelet. Also I bored her more than once. I inherit my boring-ness from my mother: hand us a baby, and the baby will fall asleep. Not instantaneously, not universally, but enough that people notice. People other than the babies, I mean.

We also got to hear Matt sing and play his guitar, see some of my favorite Gritter/Lyzenga/etc. relatives, buy books at Schuler's, and eat food at the Grand Rapids Brewing Co. So. It was about as good a weekend as I've ever had in Grand Rapids. (Niece head! To smell!)

Pictures will be forthcoming, when I get to taking them off the camera and so on.

Even with a few books from Schuler's, my "to read" pile is dwindling. I can hit the "to reread" notional pile, of course, and there's a library less than a mile away. Still, compared to the days when I was allowed to hit the library book sale, this is a little daunting. I'm still catching up on periodicals, though, so maybe I should finish catching up before I indulge myself in a library visit. And Mark's impending birthday will probably result in trickle-down books, although we don't entirely overlap in book taste, and sometimes the trickling takes awhile.

I'm tired, but of more interest, I'm hungry. I'm almost never this kind of hungry. It's almost exciting, really: I can pick all kinds of things to eat, because I am hungry enough for them. I don't expect it to last. It never does. But for now: food! To be eaten, even!

Few of you appreciate how momentous this is, I think.

Anyway, I'm going to red-pen a bit more of The Mark of the Sea Serpent before supper. Humming in quiet satisfaction as I axe things. Whee.

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