In Which the Snow Helps, Mostly

9 December 2003

I hope you're having an easier time reaching my webpage than I am. And not, as I suspect is happening, having your e-mails bounced from both of my main addresses (not my hotmail backup, though). Bleh. Not on my list of things to deal with today.

The good news is that C.J. got to the doctor; the bad news is that the doctor gave him all kinds of good drugs, because he's got a nasty bug. Timprov and I tried to go over and spend some time and bring him good stuff without letting him breathe on us and all that sort of thing. I hope he's doing better today; I guess I'll call and find out.

I worked on edits and ran errands yesterday, and then I talked to Scott, which I hadn't done in months. I think this was seriously the longest we'd ever gone without a phone call except for when I was being mad at him my middle year of high school. We e-mail really often, often enough that it isn't like the conversation was filled with surprises about what each other's daily lives have held.

Oh, oh, oh look oh look! It's snowing it's snowing it's snowing, and it's beautiful snow, thick on the trees in the backyard, huge fluffy flakes, oh I love love love being home! I really do have to get out there and get pictures this time, because it is gorgeous. Wheeee!

I now feel motivated to bake and decorate the tree. Rah, snow!

I was going to finish Aegypt last night, and maybe make up a batch of dough to chill, and so on. But I talked to Scott instead, and that was fine; that other stuff can happen today, I guess. Not vital. Getting things wrapped and to the post office would be good, but I'm not going to mess with snow if it's looking like too much. Might as well take advantage of the telecommute and all that. Not shoveling the driveway for awhile might be a positive thing.

So. In lieu of more entry, I'll bribe you all with cute biped pictures, and also some snow and some me. Here's the Roo:

And with his momma:

Is he not adorable? In fact, many dorables? He knows what the camera means, that when a grown-up comes in front of him with a camera and calls his name, he's supposed to give his adorable little biped smile and we will find him wonderful. Well, of course we do.

Our across-the-street neighbors have a curious holiday message for us. Does it say NOA? Does it say NOFI? If the latter, are they opposed to Wi-Fi? Or to hi-fis? Or, perish the thought, to skiffy? We don't know. Or perhaps they're saving up and will buy the two bottom crosspieces next year.

This is the necklace Stella made for me and Roo picked out. Good color sense, that one.

This morning!

In this one you can see the birches. I am unreasonably pleased to have birches. Birches are the Boromir of trees, I think, and we likes us some Boromir. Also, they are very Minnesota. Veryvery. We had them in the courtyard of our apartment complex in Hayward, but they were sickly and sad transplants, like a few others I could mention. Here, they go. The oaks go, too. We have acorns like mad. And I don't mind oaks, but I love birches.

Snow snow snow home home home!

If the C.J. was all better and the internet hosting less broken, this would be a good good day. Even now, it's not so bad at all at all.

I think snow is good for my writing-brain. I am a snow writer. I am a northern girl. And if ever, God help us, Minnesota's climate becomes Kansas', if the shift gets to be that big, I'm going to try to get the entire extended friendfamily continuum packed up and moved to Manitoba or, if necessary, Nunavut. I'll take winter vacations to Ellesmere Island if I have to. I gotta have winter. I have the feeling that everything will be all right in Reprogramming as soon as it starts snowing in the book. So I guess that's my agenda for the day.

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