In Which Our Heroine's Natural Grace Asserts Itself

19 December 2003

Clever, clever me. I fell and appear to have sprained my left wrist. It's a very mild sprain -- already feels better this morning -- but I'm not sure how much typing is all right for it, and I'm not going to push on that very hard today. The plan for awhile now has been chiropracty, a few errands, and "Return of the King." Then work time, one way or another, and then another airport run to fetch Mark and Scott, and another Hastings run because we don't get to keep Scott any more than we got to keep Michelle yesterday. But we may get a muffin out of the deal at the end of the road; Perkins is a possibility. Take care of yourselves better than I do, okay? And have a good Hanukkah if you're going to have a Hanukkah at all.

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