In Which Our Heroine Avoids Boxing

26 December 2003

It was a good Christmas, and I hope yours was, too. We had Ray and Betty (C.J.'s parents) and Cal and Bobbie (Timprov's parents), and lovely food and way too much of it. My dad had gotten the Grinch DVD for Christmas, and it also had "Horton Hears a Who" on it, so after Ray and Betty and Cal and Bobbie went home, we sat and watched both of them. I had not seen "Horton Hears a Who." It was...heavy-handed. Amusing. Made me wonder how people could fail to realize Dr. Seuss was political until they saw his WWII cartoons.

Today we went up to Aunt Ellen and Uncle Phil's, and so did Cathy, and we had brunch (again, way too much food) and talked and talked. There will be pictures (I forgot to take any yesterday), but I reallyreally haven't had time for that at this point. Then we went to the American Swedish Institute to look at their Christmas displays and their glass and their bookstore. Luckily, Mark's grands gave me a Christmas present, and still more luckily, the bookstore had stuff I know I won't see in any of the presents I haven't yet opened.

Tomorrow Mark and I head out for Milwaukee for a few days with his side. I won't be updating for those days. I'll see (be seen by?) you all on the 31st, I think; I'll be back the day before, but I'm going to give myself that day for some break time.

For anyone to whom it wasn't clear, the twelve days of Christmas go until January 6, which is the Feast of Epiphany. So those of you who celebrate should still be celebrating. (Note that celebrating does not mean blasting "Little Drummer Boy" at your hapless neighbors and customers for the ten millionth time.) This has been your Christmas PSA.

And the pants I wore today are the color known medievally as "goose turd." I hope one doesn't have to be a Lingen to appreciate that.

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