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Like many people who write fiction for a living, I'm a good deal more comfortable making things up about other people who don't exist than I am figuring out what to say about myself. I've sold enough short stories at this point that I have a standard one-sentence biography: "Marissa Lingen is a freelance writer who lives in Minnesota with two large men and one small dog." This is true but not perhaps optimally illuminating.

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Even with my new and improved blog, I still mirror things and interact with comments on my livejournal too. You can also find me on Facebook, G+, Twitter, and Good Reads. I write for adults, children, and the age between that's known as "YA." Like the bar in the Blues Brothers that has both kinds of music, I write both kinds of fiction, science fiction and fantasy. I read a great deal more broadly than just one genre or pair of genres, but that seems to be where my ideas come. There's plenty of free short fiction linked from my bibliography page. My long work is represented by Kurestin Armada of Root Literary.

Minnesota is not just where I live -- it's my home. I love it here. We're in Eagan, a south suburb of the Twin Cities, pretty close to both Minneapolis and St. Paul. I've lived in Nebraska, Kansas, Ohio, Oregon, and California, but when we had the choice, this is where we came to settle, and this is where we're going to stay.

I think that's it. If you know me and I don't know you're reading this, drop me a note and say hi. Or just drop me a note anyway. I like mail.