In Which Brains Are Eccentric

4 January 2006

One of the quirks of a Mrisbrain is that when I feel overwhelmed by things, I start planning meals around "using things up." "Using things up" becomes A Good Thing, regardless of, say, how likely they are to go bad. Monday for lunch, for example, I had waffles so I could use up the raspberry preserves. The raspberry preserves were going to be fine sitting in the fridge another week, another month, whatever. But I saw them sitting there, not used up, and that part of my brain kicked in looking for things that could be raspberried. Ditto the last double chocolate hazelnut cookie: it was not in danger of molding, becoming stale, or leading a cookie rebellion to take back the sun porch. But I had it and not a pepparkakor because there was only one of it left. Yesterday I had a packet of oatmeal that had come with the newspaper awhile ago (and dang, was it good!) and the last of the fresh North Of The Border salsa from Byerly's and a pear before it went bad, and it was all not just tasty but immensely satisfying, because it was using stuff up.

Brains. Very funny things.

I have just finished a sleep-deprived EEG. I slept some this afternoon, and I'm going to try to stay up long enough that I can get a nighttime sleep in and not be screwed up for longer than is strictly necessary. I feel like death on toast, but at least it's all over except for the return to normal. And wish me luck on that, please.

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