When we got to Milwaukee, Sarah and Jeff weren't there yet. They arrived the next day, as did the Lyzengas (Mark's maternal grandparents). We had the Gritter family Christmas after that.

For those of you who have a hard time keeping score, the blond is Matt, Mark's youngest brother. He's a freshman at Calvin College this year. Then there's Daniel, Mark's middle brother. He works for IBM in New York and has a girlfriend we're not supposed to see or ask about too much. The Lyzengas are next to him on the couch. I would keep them even without Mark. They're just cool.

The happily engaged couple. Jeff and Sarah both work at Calvin in their IT department. People who stayed at Gustavus after graduation or returned later are known as "permaGusties." I don't know what permanent Calvin people are known as, other than Sarah and Jeff.

Dan got Dave and Lin a meat fork that matched other accoutrements he'd gotten them in the past. Shown here: Dave, with meat fork.

We did all kinds of family things, including a group outing to "The Fellowship of the Ring." But that was later.