In Which the Puppy Affects the Composition

19 February 2006

Kev is in town, so we're mostly just hanging out enjoying time together. Which means not very many words for you. But I have finally gotten around to handling the Christmas pictures -- at least, the first half of them. The ones with Mark's family and the ones from New Year's will be awhile longer yet.

The advantage to having a cute puppy at Christmas is, of course, the cute puppy. The disadvantage is that in many of the candid pictures one might take, everyone is looking down at the cute puppy. Especially if one isn't used to kneeling to take pictures from below.

Grandma with her new books.

Ista opening Bear. Bear was a big, big hit.

Ista often savages Bear to vent her feelings. Also, Bear plays "Rock-a-bye Baby" in a very fast, tinny tone when squeezed just wrong, and this drives Ista mad. When she is energetic and this happens, she will beat the crap out of Bear to teach it not to do that. When she is tired, she just sits with her head cocked and a weary expression on her face: why did you have to do that, Bear? You know how I hate that!

We are actually on Bear 2.0, as a stopgap Bear was needed while Ista's Mormor sewed the head on the first Bear.

Mom and Grandma enjoying Christmas.

Ista also got a new mat to sleep on. She found it immediately satisfactory for more gnawing on Bear.

Grandpa found this amusing.


Ista, me, and Onie with my new boots.

Boot and bop, bop and boot. Sounds like the beginning of a children's poem.


Grandpa got a garden stone with the USMC logo on it.

All this fun wore the puppy out.

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