Just Stuff, Is All

28 February 2002

We have a Scott! His plane was even early and everything. Not a lot early, but still. People who have to be around me should be upset whenever this sort of thing happens, because it's just like when my mom finds something great on sale: it reinforces the behavior. In my case, it's the behavior of showing up early all the time. For mom, it's not buying stuff unless it's on sale. But we like our behavior, so there.

And I was quite pleased with my Cuban food at the Bodeguita, so I will refrain from tweaking Evan about how it was in no way tapas. Admire my restraint! Ahem. Anyway, one of the things that happened when I got sick last fall was that evidently I lost alcohol tolerance. Those of you who know me are know wrinkling your brows in puzzlement: how could I have lost alcohol tolerance when I never really had any in the first place? It's pitiful, people. I drank half of my yummy mojito, and that was quite enough. I've never been drunk...but I think that I should be able to finish a single drink. Scott declared me officially pitiful, and I guess I am, but I don't know really what to do about it. Ah, sigh. I don't want to be able to drink like the proverbial fish. I just think that one drink with my dinner should not be too much.

It's Jeff's birthday -- happy birthday, Jeff! For those of you who need scorecards, Jeff is Sarah's fiancÚ, my future brother-in-law-in-law.

When I let Michelle know that I was going to write under my maiden name, she said she was relieved because she wasn't going to "lose me completely." And it baffled me, in part because I didn't see what my name had to do with whether I was lost. I just figured out the other part awhile ago, when I was thinking about Sarah getting married, and the little subconscious voice said, "You don't lose girls when they get married, you lose boys." Like most of the stuff that little voice says, it's hopelessly simplistic. But there's an old saying that says the same thing (I think it's a ScanAm saying, not sure, though): "A son is a son 'til he takes him a wife; a daughter's a daughter for all of her life." We make an effort to make sure that's not wholly true, but I do think that women in our society are mostly the ones who keep the social ties, especially in families. Whether that's nature or nurture, I'm unwilling to say, although my guess is nurture. Anyway, all of this is by way of saying that we're not losing a Sarah, we're gaining a Jeff!

And the dress I'm wearing to do it is preeeetty.

It can't possibly only be Thursday today. Yesterday was Friday. It has to be the 28th, because we have a show to go to tonight, but it can't be Thursday. Inconceivable. Maybe it's Friday again. I don't know.

Maybe there will be pictures tomorrow. Maybe I'll have brilliant thoughts on folklore tomorrow. Maybe many things will happen in tomorrow's entry. Who knows? Scott is going off about what a strange state we live in and how this is not the sort of place people live, it's the sort of place people visit.

My parents have now left for the funeral. So it goes.

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