In Which The Back Keeps It Brief

11 April 2003

I had limpe (also known as limpa -- spelling varies from source to source), toasted, with peanut butter for breakfast this morning. Yum. It was crustier than I've had it before, but I like crusty bread with soft insides, so I didn't mind. I had to spend some time getting pugnacious with the cookbook yesterday, but we settled our differences; that is, I wrote a brief, rude note in the margin and went on to the recipes Aunt Ellen sent me. (No anise in my limpe, thank you very much.)

It was pretty easy, this limpe. I could do it again. That's good to know. I also have an essay going about the process, but only peripherally about the process. But I don't really want to reproduce the rough draft of that essay here, so the short version is: baked Swedish rye bread, worked on essay.

Also I did some edits to Dwarf's Blood Mead. It surprises me how small the actual changes are, even when the issue being addressed is medium-sized. Maybe that's a good sign. I don't know. I also worked on the Not The Moose a little bit, and I'll do more of that today. Oh, and I got yesterday's four rejections either sent out by e-sub or ready to go into today's mail. Four rejections is just the wrong number. It's enough to be a large number, noticeably large, but it's not enough to be record-breaking. Ah well. Two of them were stories that have been out since August, so it's good to finally get word on that.

Today the back is not so good. Not so good at all, really. So today I'm going to try to stay a bit away from the computer. Try to work on paper, where I can vary position more. I'm also going to try to remember to take Advil so that I don't get into a vicious cycle where I hurt and scrunch into myself and hurt more and etc. Timprov has instructed me to call Dr. Bill next week, and I have not really put up any resistance. So there's that.

I finished A Tale of Time City, which was fun, but again not my favorite Diana Wynne Jones book (it's hard to top Fire and Hemlock with me), and have barely started Jenn Crowell's Letting the Body Lead, in which the main character runs off to Iceland. So I'm going to run off with that and also with some work on paper. Have a good Friday.

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