In Which Our Heroine Shows More Pictures With Fewer Words

27 April 2004

See, here's the thing, body: if you're still tired, and you're in bed, and the sun is not yet up, you can keep sleeping. Really. It's okay.

Sigh. It all becomes clear now: I'm hungry. Even though I had a perfectly decent dinner at the normal time and even a bedtime snack later than usual. I'm hungry even after having a glass of milk and a tortilla spread with Nutella and decorated with sliced strawberries. I'm hungry enough to be cold from eating again. (Timprov tried to tell me bodies shouldn't do this, but mine does: the energy needed for digestion is great enough that I get cold right after eating if I'm running particularly low on energy. This happens to me at least once a week. It makes total sense to me, so I'm not bothering about it.)

Anyway! Aside from being cold, hungry, and tired, things are just fine here. I finished the edits to Reprogramming and printed it out, so I'll be taking it to the post office today. I also should print an archive copy so we can have it around here to read or to use as a backup. Lots of printing. Lots and lots.

I have a short story out for you to read, "Take Back the Night". I'm fond of it. I think it's fun. A few other people have, too, and that makes me happy.

I have the pictures from Ed and Jen's visit, finally! Here they are:

C.J. and Mark

Vanya, Jen, and Rachel

Aaron, Em, and Kjessia

Vanya, Jen, and the all-important Miss Elena Grace


Jen and Miss Belly


See how scintillating I can be when I'm cold, tired, and hungry? Yep. Here are some people I like. Look at 'em.

So. Reprogramming edits done, I can go back to working on Sampo and "Docile Bodies" and the contract work I need to get going on soon. The plan for the evening involves a reading from one of my college professors at the local library. Joyce is reading her poetry literally three minutes from my house. I don't see how I could pass that up. Well -- if I had disliked Joyce, that's a pretty obvious way I could pass it up. But I didn't. I liked her. She was my cheerleader in my Intro Creative Writing class when I particularly needed a cheerleader. She got me started keeping a paper journal. Joyce is good people. I look forward to hearing some of her new poems.

The only drawback is that I've started to make a dent in the book piles, and now I have to go to the library. And you know how libraries are. They grab you and force books into your arms and won't let you go until you've checked them out. Evil, evil, malicious libraries.

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