In Which This Entry is Worth Several Thousand Words

18 May 2005

This has not come up before in this journal, but my parents redid their living room and dining room this spring. So I didn't take the pictures of my May celebration with my side of the family as close-up as I might otherwise have done, so that the people who care can see what their new walls and furniture look like.

The biggest change to my way of thinking is not the colors but the new sectional. It's a big enough room to carry off the sectional just fine, and it's extremely comfortable, and it changes the whole look and feel of the room. (That's my dad and my grandma. Grandma is opening her birthday present. We were celebrating Mother's Day and Mom's, Grandma's, and Mark's birthdays.)

And there's Mom on the sectional.

Grandpa gets a recliner. The ends of the sectional also recline.

Mark and I get barrel chairs when we're there.

Mark also gets the evil mylar paper. It's very shiny. I'd like to say he gets the last of the evil mylar paper -- Mom would like even more to say that -- but alas, it is not true. (Mylar paper is awful to wrap with. It doesn't crease, and the tape doesn't stay done up, and it doesn't rip open satisfactorily unless it entirely shreds, which is also not satisfactory. We have a family habit of accidentally buying mylar wrap under the impression that it's shiny paper wrap.)

Apparently I wasn't there: no photographic evidence, must not have been. Also I apparently wasn't at dinner when we went out with Karen and 'Fer and the Evanses. Only people seated next to the cuteness magnet were present. I mean, priorities. (I don't make a habit of photographing adults on restaurant outings unless there's some strong reason to, but the Robin, well!)

Robin immediately discovered that the fun of his pirate hat was not so much in wearing it as in making other people wear it.

(I begin to see what he means.)

(I wonder how many google image hits there are for "The Dread Pirate Stella." Heh. None yet. But there is apparently a sale on ebay on Dread Pirates. Both new and used. Apparently I should check out ebay more often for my dread pirate needs. Hmm. Maybe for my Dread Pirate needs?)

But the Dread Pirate Robin, a.k.a. Froggy Roo the Sticky, will show up on polite and be-cameraed request. (Himself is a bit of a ham.)

Besides the pirate hat, he had finger puppets: a prince and princess (the princess goes "RRRRRAAAAAARRRRRR!") and a knight and a dragon. These are extremely good finger puppets for dueling with one's daddy. (Last time I dueled with my daddy, it was with a wrapping paper tube. No mylar. But anyway.)

Sometimes it is so nifty to have finger puppets that we must wear all four of them at once.

My words are mostly going elsewhere today, but at least you got pretty pictures.

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