In Which Sinister Forces Surface Again

26 June 2005

I have my face back! Mostly. There's a tiny bit of swelling left, but nothing outstanding. Also, yesterday I could eat warm soft foods instead of just cold soft foods. This was such a leap forward I can hardly say. Not that ice cream had betrayed me. Ice cream is still my friend. But ice cream, yogurt, and cold soup, over and over, had gotten to be more than a bit tedious.

I'm only on Advil now, and I have my brain back. I'm able to think of things other than hurting and healing. This is a great relief, because I certainly have other things to think of this week.

I'm reading Fiona Patton's The Stone Prince, because this copy of it is borrowed and so can't go in my bag on the plane. One of the things I'm finally getting used to about this book is that there are no "girl titles." Not only are there not poetesses or authoresses, but there are also not princesses, duchesses, etc. So a prince's sister is also a prince, and an earl's female heir will become the earl in her turn. I was fairly used to "poet" and "author" not conveying gender information, but as I tend to think of noble titles as useless ornaments (this is a hazard of growing up American, I think), gender was one of the only pieces of information I was used to getting from them.

This week I've gotten e-mail from two people who found my site while googling for something else. The first made sense to me: she had googled "Peony Park." Not many people have reason to write on the internet about a defunct Omaha amusement park, even though it gave me some awesome childhood evenings, so it made sense to me that it wouldn't be hard to be high in the Peony Park rankings. But the second person found me when googling "sinister forces." I was in the top ten. (For references to sinister forces, you people; Google doesn't require that I provide them as a service. It wasn't, like, an ad link or something.) (And now I'm checking: darn. There are no ad links for sinister forces on Google. No eBay sales on them, I guess. You will have to pay full price for custom sinister forces.)

I wonder what other interesting phrases result in a high Google ranking for me, and we just don't know it yet.

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