This, That, and Some Pictures

14 August 2002

I seem to have hit the ground running again, which is good, I suppose. I wrote nine pages yesterday morning on The World Builders -- woohoo! -- and did a ton of errands yesterday afternoon. And almost as soon as I got back from the grocery store, our DSL box showed up, and it works beautifully, so my normal e-mail address is now fully functional. Hooray! So I tried to catch up some on the messages that showed up. I don't have any from before yesterday in my inbox right now, so if you sent one and haven't gotten a reply, well, you know the drill.

Mark and I went out for supper, and I told the waitress it was our anniversary, even though it wasn't yet, because we were celebrating it then. I had tiramisu, which I didn't know I liked until Mrs. Mac sent us a box. This was when Michael worked at Omaha Steaks, and she sent us a big ol' hunk of beef and some stuffed fish fillets and a lasagna and a tiramisu cake. And I thought none of us liked tiramisu, so I cooked the rest and enjoyed it and stuck the tiramisu in the freezer, but then there was a frozen food sale and we needed the space, so I thawed it and tried it. Turns out I just don't like bad tiramisu. Which this was not, so all was well.

I also gave Mark a treatise on the great virtues of cobbler as compared to pie. It was somewhat akin to Lars' treatise on the virtues of barbecue sauce over ketchup. My theory is that cobbler topping is a million times superior to pie crust, and also that with cobbler you're almost guaranteed to have the bubbly slightly crusty fruit bits, whereas with pie, only if you're lucky.

So there.

Timprov was getting the salmon pieces into the marinade this morning before he went to bed, and he said he felt like he was cooking for the three bears, the little piece for me and the medium piece for Mark and the big piece for him. I don't think that Mark makes a very good Momma Bear, but I don't think that was supposed to be the implication. Anyway, I'd have been satisfied with porridge for dinner, but stuffed salmon fillets will be good, too, I bet.

Heehee! I am dragging Finley down with me! Well, maybe. She thought it sounded like an Idea, too, to write a YA novel in the rest of this month. Dude. I'm contagious. Seriously, though, this was a really, really good decision. It's just humming away quite happily, bubbling along in my brain and on the page, too. 50 pages. No problem! Scott speculated that when I said "I can do this in my sleep!", I meant, "I can do this instead of sleep!" But it really looks like it won't come to that.

Oh, hey, Morphism Question of the Week, and please do answer, yes, I mean you: when you were thirteen, if you'd been able to create a virtual world to play in, what would the non-human lifeforms have looked like, if any? Dragons, dwarves, lizard-men, what? I'm still trying to figure out some of the details of the world they're building from the title, and the key to me is having it interesting and yet something some geeky thirteen-year-olds would have come up with and not an adult wish-fulfillment.

So. Here are a few wedding pictures to amuse you, and I'm going to get ready to go have lunch with David. Have an especially good Wednesday.

We rehearse.

Sarah and Jeff are ready to go.

Matt plays with his chopsticks.

Me and Sarah in jean shorts, tank tops, and fancy hair.

And from the back.

Mark's parents and all their kids and kids-in-law.

My new brother-in-law-in-law, as we would usually see him.

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