In Which Our Heroine Brings On the Bagpiper Picture

5 October 2005

Putting things on my desk to remind me to take care of them works, mostly: I do not forget. Sometimes I don't have time to do it, but I don't forget. I put them there so that they will drive me crazy, and they do. So that's good, right? Well, except for the driving crazy part. Um.

This morning, however, I got the last notes from Dark Sun: the Making of the Hydrogen Bomb and Scandinavia: At War With Trolls transferred into four different files, so they are no longer on my desk. This is more of a relief than it really ought to be, I think.

Of course, it seems to be a week for sending stories out, so I've immediately replaced the reference books with an assortment of envelopes and printed stories waiting for cover letters. But those will be taken care of by tomorrow morning, ideally, and so.

Scott and Liz are back from Aruba and did not come anywhere near being swept out to sea in a hurricane. Which has to improve any honeymoon, I should think. And in honor of their safe return, here are the few pictures we got:

The bagpipers!

There was a picture of Scott and Imran walking up the path, but you seriously couldn't have told that it was them and not, say, Scott's and Liz's brothers, or any other two men in tuxedos. (Imran does not look much like Liz's brother, for those of you who don't understand the magnitude of this statement. Um. Not very much at all, yah.)

Also, if you were sitting here wondering and wondering, "What on earth does the back of Scott's Uncle Roger's head look like?", wonder no more. E-mail me, and I can send you a perfectly lovely picture of the back of Scott's Uncle Roger's head.

Scott waiting for Liz. We sat on the "wrong" side, since we were "Scott's" people, not "Liz's" people, but this gave us a view of his face, which was nice.

Liz and her dad. This is as good as I could get this picture with my limited tools and skills. You'll just have to take my word for the dress being awesome. Or wait for someone to have better pictures, I hope.

Me and Scott.

Kev, me, and Scott. Wish we'd had more time, but these days I always wish that.

There were also some pictures of my dog in this batch of photos. Go figure.

Chomp! on the blue toy monkey. Much better than on her own monkeys. This is clearly from awhile back, because her fur has grown out substantially since this picture.

This one is a bit more recent. She's even fuzzier now, though.

So. I've just started rereading the Poetic Edda. I've been putting it off because I suspected it would make me think about the Aesir noir novel or The Mark of the Sea Serpent, but now I have officially given myself permission to think about them, so I'm perfectly well allowed to read the Poetic Edda again. And it's cool and lovely and autumnal here, and the grass is still green, and the marigolds are still orange and yellow, but the poplar leaves are yellow, too, all over the yard and the blacktop driveway.

I love October.

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