Monstrous Bonds – ebook


An electronic copy of Monstrous Bonds. Available as PDF, epub and mobi.



Monstrous Bonds, the first chapbook from acclaimed writer Marissa Lingen, is about monsters and friendship.

Available in PDF, epub, and mobi formats.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Shrapnel From My Cousin’s Kaiju Battle: $229 Plus Shipping
  3. Accountable Monsters
  4. The River Horse Who Almost Ate Me, And His Lawyer
  5. The Swarm of Giant Gnats I Sent After Kent, My Assistant Manager
  6. After the Monster

Advance Praise:

Nebula Award winning author John Wiswell:

Marissa’s monsters can be fearsome or funny or fragile. Herein is a rainbow of stories that show all of us who feel a little monstrous that we are welcome. In her stories, Marissa makes space for us.

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