Go ahead and mess with Mr. In-Beween though

New essay out today! Uncanny has published The Roots of Hope: Toward an Optimistic Near-Future SF in a Pandemic.

I’m trying to practice what I preach in the above with the story I’m working on. I don’t think that optimistic near-future SF is the only thing that’s valuable right now, but I think it’s a thing that’s valuable right now, if you can manage it. So I’m trying to manage it. And the above essay is a practical look at how.

A pretty high water mark

New story again today! (Some weeks are like that.) The Past, Like a River In Flood is up at Beneath Ceaseless Skies.

This is a weird time for stories turning out to be more topical than intended. This one is not a plague story, I hasten to add. It’s just got…college administrators having dubious priorities that affect the safely of faculty, staff, and students. Oh. Just that.

More monsters, more friends

Remember how I said that I was writing a series of stories about monsters and friendship for my friend John Wiswell? And another of them was coming out soon? Today is soon. After the Monster is up at Daily Science Fiction.

This is a harder one, friends. They gave me the chance to make author story comments (expand in a little link under the story!), so I did that, a little more of where this story is coming from. If you’re struggling and you think I might have written this story for you–yeah, I probably did.

Hug your friends (virtually if you gotta), tip the pizza girl. And hang in there.

The start of the swarm

For the last year I’ve been working on a series of stories about monsters and friendship. They’re dedicated to my friend John Wiswell, because John is a good friend and I love his entire face off. At some point–ideally 10/31/21 will be that point–I will put together a chapbook. I have already been talking to another friend about cover illustration. It’s gonna be great.

But in the meantime, here’s the first of the stories, out from Translunar Travelers’ Lounge: The Swarm of Giant Gnats I Sent After Kent, My Assistant Manager. This one is also dedicated to Stella Evans, another friend I love fiercely. I hope you enjoy it!

Two stories today!

That’s right, two! So that was a surprise for me when I woke up. (I am always amazed by people who know exactly when they’re having which things coming out. How do they do it? I write down dates when people give them to me, it’s just…they don’t, always.)

The first one is Addison and Julia Tell the Truth to Pemaquid Beach, in Daily Science Fiction. Future fantasy, literary superpower, I don’t know how to classify this one except: it’s mine, I wrote it, you can read it.

The second one is The Foolish Man Built His House Upon the Sand, in Nature Futures. Continuing my current interest in soil health in, uh, a different direction.

Hope you enjoy both!

After Ragnarok

I have a new poem out in Star*Line, “Fenrir and Sigyn, After Ragnarok.” You can buy it here.

I wanted to write this as a story for literally over a decade, and then I woke up one morning and said, oh, it’s a poem. And just sat down and wrote it. The wolf and his stepmother and the beginning that comes after the end of the world, there it was. Enjoy.

Reprints of comfort

I have a reprint out today in Consolation Songs: Speculative Fiction for a Time of Coronavirus . My story is “Upside the Head,” which is about hockey and growth.

My agentsib Iona Datt Sharma put this together–if you have not tried their work, you should. Lots of other amazing writers are involved, such as Aliette de Bodard, Stephanie Burgis, Adrian Tchaikovsky, and many many more! And the proceeds are for a charity fighting COVID. Enjoy checking it out!