As we walked towards this sculpture, I thought it was lovers embracing. Nope. Hockey players fighting. WOOOOO, Minnesota!

And a troll bridge! I was really happy with how fanciful the snow sculptures got. And how well done.

Do you see why I feel like I've come home to my own kind here? They make dwarves and trolls and wizards out of snow. And you haven't even gotten to the ice sculptures yet.

When I was little, the other Kathie used to holler "I see a bear behind you!" when we had bare behinds, if she was giving us kids a bath or changing us to go swimming or something. And we would run from the bear and shriek. Mark does not seem to be similarly moved.

The paddlewheel ice boats were really awesome, too.

The Minnesota Science Museum sponsored an ice robot. And let me take this opportunity to tell you once again how much it rocks to be home. An ice robot. Come on, people! Ice! Robot! How can it get better than this?

Oh, yes, I remember how: ice dragons and lions. Right.

We went on to the Palace.