The smorgasbord was eaten, the dishes were cleared away, and my family opened our Christmas presents. On Christmas Eve. We are Christmas Eve people, not Christmas Day people. I think I've explained this before, maybe?

Dad got a Mats Jonasson crystal otter. Dad loves otters. Also Mats Jonasson is not so shabby.

One of Grandma's big surprises from Grandpa this year is this intricate grown-up pop up book illustrating "America the Beautiful." It's really gorgeous, extremely well done.

Grandpa got shoes like Dad's.

Something amuses Mom.

Mark got a new hat! It is much niftier than his soup kitchen hat, but I do not insist that he get rid of the soup kitchen hat; he can use it when shoveling the driveway etc.

I got a new hat, too! I like hats. A lot. This one is to go with my winter dress coat.

Dad got a springform pan. He keeps finding recipes and asking Mom to make them, and she keeps saying she can't because they require a springform pan. So he asked for a springform pan. Sensible enough; stay tuned.

Grandma's slippers were also a hit.

Onie was opening something, and I was watching. Hey, my stockings are pretty neat, did you notice? (Yeah, okay, so I'm not much with deep commentary this time around.)

When we're in Omaha, we have Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and here they are surveying the wreckage.

Incidentally, I took these pictures with a Kodak digital disposable camera. I don't like the results nearly as well as my own digital, but here they are anyway; they'll do in a pinch.

Grandma, Christmas morning. Stocking presents are good.

Dad, Christmas morning.

Fuzzy-headed Mark. Poor Mark. I wake him up so early.

And me, plenty awake despite the robe and glasses.

Kari and Jake brought the wee Mr. Noah over to play.

He likes tupperware and spoons and all kinds of things to play with.


Mike and Tom.


No more Christmas.