For a week, we had a C.J.

Now we don't. And I can't say I'm entirely pleased with that state of affairs -- the latter part, I mean. I was entirely pleased to have a C.J. for a week.

We started out on Wednesday going up Mt. Diablo, just as I said I wanted to when I didn't think he'd be here soon. My hair, you will note, was not entirely dry when we left. So they're not my favorite pictures of myself...nonetheless, it was a good trip up the mountain.

(That would be me.)

We were going to do the trail I did with Mark, but (ahem) I couldn't find the trailhead. So we went down to something that's called Rock City instead.

I think Rock City is a bit grandiose, as names for it go, but it was still pretty cool. We wandered around and climbed on some of the rocks.

(That would be C.J.)

We were fascinated by this tree, which had grown and rubbed a groove into the rock for itself.

Perhaps you can see it better in that one. I don't know. Anyway, we saw a grey fox, and very many wildflowers (but at the time, Ceej wasn't sure how to make very tiny things show up well with his new camera).

The next day, we drove north to Point Reyes.