Lars got married.

But that part came later. It's why we went to DC, though. Mark and I got in ahead of schedule, picked up our rental car, and drove to Michelle's. Don't let Michelle give you directions. She forgets to mention little details like which direction you should turn on a given road. But we got there. When we did, we heard that the plan was for the guys to go up to Dave and Buster's for Lars' bachelor party, while Michelle and I met up with the ladies at a bar and grill. (This is pretty unusual; we're not the kind of group that usually splits off into guys and girls.) Michelle's apartment was brand-new -- she was still washing the futon sheets when we got in.

The guys got ready. They looked all manly and fierce and stuff.

They dropped us off at the bar. The girls were there, already having a good time. Em especially.

Here we all are, all except for Nellie (who was taking the picture) and Michelle. Michelle was on the edge of this one, but I promised her that I would either crop her out of pictures if she looked dorky or would take steps to make sure nobody else saw her picture-dorkiness. I don't want my friends to look like dorks. From left to right, it's me (yes, in my glasses), Marte-girl, Rachel, Jen, Erica, and Em.

I'm pretty used to the Marty-boy/Marte-girl convention verbally, so it carries over even into my writing, where it's clear that Marty is the boy and Marte is the girl, or when you can simply look at the picture and say, "ah ha, that Marte, definitely looks like a girl." Ah well.

I told you I took steps to make sure Michelle didn't look dorky. Now: me, Tennille, Marte, Rachel, Jen, Erica, and Em.

There was a magician at the bar, and he made a koala for Nellie (not impressive) and a pygmy for Jen (most impressive). Both balloon animals should be visible if you hunt for them. We went back to Ed and Jen's shortly after taking the group pictures were taken, figuring that the guys would be home soon and we could chat until they did. Five hours later, they returned, and we went back to Michelle's, where I slept for an eternity (for me). I slept until 8:00 Pacific Time! I have no idea when that happened last. I went around marveling at it.

The next day....