My dear,

This could easily turn out to be cheap symbolism, you know, and I don't want it to. Flowers and mountains are like that. They sneak around becoming symbols behind your back. But I'm more concerned with the actual, concrete, poke-it-with-your-finger stuff here.

There is a big ol' mountain practically in your backyard. It wouldn't take you half an hour to get to the gates of the park. And I don't know if you'll go see, but I wanted to tell you: it's worth it. You should. There are little things there that you can't notice from driving past it on an errand. It's different up there. There are tiny little pink flowers growing right out of rock, only I don't have a zoomy enough camera to show them to you. There are giant pinecones. There are slopes covered with poppies.

This is where we have to skirt around the left turn into cheap symbolism: I worry about you. That's no news. But I worry more about what you don't do than about anything you do. With the people at home, I think, "I wish you could have seen this." With you, it's "I wish you would have." And I worry about what you won't do in the future, too. Give it a try. It's right there close.


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