Em and Aaron got married. Yay! Everybody kept saying to Aaron, "It's about time." Well, it was.

That's them.

I don't have any pictures of the ceremony, because I sat surrounded by Mark, Timprov, Rachel-in-heels, Ben, and Vanya. I saw nothing. But it was a fun ceremony anyway, short and relaxed.

Chris and Daphne came and brought their kids. I hadn't seen Chris, Daphne, or Mackenzie in something like five years, and I'd never seen Alex at all, since he didn't exist five years ago. That's Daph, Mackenzie, and Alex.

And Chris, Yore, and Beth. Beth and Josh left Jane home, but there was still Mackenzie to entertain me, and goodness, did she ever. If you want to know anything about moths, loose teeth, kindergarten, or how Mommy will manage once Alex is old enough for kindergarten, I'm the person to ask now. We had a good time, me and Mackenzie.

Kjessia and Amber. Amber and Em's sister, the other bridesmaid, did not have identical dresses, and it looked nice that way. Both of them chose good dresses.

Mackenzie and Amber and Timprov and I blew bubbles with the bubble duck. Then Amber and Mackenzie wore each other's necklaces for awhile. (Amber made the jewelry for the bridal party.)

Rachel, Ben, and Kjessia.

That's all I got this time. No pictures of the tasty caramel apples. No pictures of Aaron's cute little sister as a flower girl. No pictures of the cheeeeeeesecakes. Sorry. I'm a deficient wedding photographer, I know.