Yeah, okay, so I did this once before and made a mistake in saving it. So this may be a bit more terse than it was last time.

Timprov and I got to Minneapolis in mid-October, and the city itself was gloriously autumnal. But we drove with his folks over the river to St. Croix Falls, on the Wisconsin side.

Where there was both fall and snow. We took a short hike.

That's Bobbie. Who is, of course, Timprov's mom.

Me. In the coat I never get to wear out here.

Near the river, there are all kinds of sinkholes and potholes that were created by river rocks with high iron content or other content that made them hard. Those rocks would get flung into a small depression in part of the river, ages and ages and eons ago, and would create a hole by rolling around and around. The holes got to be pretty deep, too.

Cal, Timprov's dad.

We could have a house right there. I'd be okay with that.

Timprov decided to let me take his picture after all. Generous of him. Silly Timprov.

We crossed back over into Minnesota and had lunch in Taylor's Falls. Wandered around eating ice cream and playing tourist. Then we drove down the river to Stillwater. This is from just north of Stillwater.

Later, there were more people around.