January 30: In Which Our Heroine Gets Stuck In Magic and History (Again)

January 29: In Which No Trope Is Forbidden

January 28: In Which Our Heroine Needs Time To Thaw

January 27: In Which Our Heroine Is Further Distracted By Political Spouses and Writing Theory

January 26: In Which Books Overwhelm, Again or Still

January 25: In Which Politics Get Our Heroine Going

January 24: In Which Sense-Making Is Optional With a Rock Rolling After You

January 23: In Which The Heating of Water Takes On More Significance Than Usual

January 22: In Which Our Heroine Is, As Usual, Interestingly Wrong

January 21: In Which Our Heroine Bounces Around and Writes Some More

January 20: In Which Books Once Again Prove Their Superiority To Other Inanimate Objects

January 19: In Which All Coherence Is Book-Directed

January 18: In Which the Garage Door Tries to Warn Us

January 17: In Which the Wave Equation and Relativity Aren't Really the Point

January 16: In Which Our Heroine, Despite Her Weariness, Provides Pictures

January 15: In Which Our Heroine Is Thinking Of (And Writing) A Thing

January 14: In Which The Sadim Touch Strikes

January 13: In Which Virtue Isn't Rewarded, Nor Vice Punished

January 12: In Which The Map-Making Isn't The Best Part

January 11: In Which We Anticipate Lollaparooza

January 10: In Which The Cold Doesn't Stop Us

January 9: In Which There's One Thing, And Another, As One Might Expect

January 8: In Which Two In A Row Is Good

January 7: In Which They Loff Our Heroine, Even Though She Doesn't Know What She's Talking About

January 6: In Which Our Heroine Was Off By One

January 5: In Which The Ending Comes as a Surprise to Our Heroine

January 4: In Which There Are Introverts and Tropes

January 3: In Which Our Heroine Gets An Enormoose

January 2: In Which -- Look, It Sounds a Lot Worse Than It Is, All Right?

January 1: In Which Our Heroine's Fantabulous Rock Star Reputation Is In Peril

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