March 31: In Which Our Heroine Relies on Will Shetterly

March 30: In Which Paul Douglas The Weather Guy Remembers

March 29: In Which Our Heroine Dresses Comfortably and Waits for the Backlash

March 28: In Which Our Heroine Wallows In Pulpy Goodness

March 27: In Which Our Heroine Spots Another Island in the Sea

March 26: In Which Every Day is a Welcome Home

March 25: In Which Good Plans Are Carried Out

March 24: In Which Our Heroine Blathers About Someone Else's Book

March 23: In Which Some Arguments Are Ruled Out and Our Heroine's Fingers Remain Intact

March 22: In Which the Computer and the Mrissa Both Crash Early

March 21: In Which Titles Escape Our Heroine, But Should Probably Involve Tea and Stories and Reading Somehow

March 20: In Which Thou Shalt Not Call Our Heroine Ray, Neither Shalt Thou Call Her Jay....

March 19: In Which Our Heroine Hovers

March 18: In Which Cookbooks and Writer-Brain Take Over

March 17: In Which We Skip the Green Beer

March 16: In Which Our Heroine Feeds the Addiction

March 15: In Which Our Heroine's Acquired Tastes Are Tested a Little

March 14: In Which Our Heroine Avoids Elvis

March 13: In Which Our Heroine Likes Sparklies and Bubble Ducks

March 12: In Which Symbolism Isn't the Whole Of It

March 11: In Which Our Heroine Mutters About Clothes and More Hockey

March 10: In Which Hockey Upsets Our Heroine

March 9: In Which Math Meets Fallacies

March 8: In Which Our Heroine Briefly Ponders Story Ideas

March 7: In Which Our Heroine's Willpower Is Tested

March 6: In Which Our Heroine is Consumed By Gentleness

March 5: In Which Winter Returns With a Tree-Breaking Vengeance

March 4: In Which Our Heroine Writes Like She Pitches (Sorta All Over the Place)

March 3: In Which the Weather and Our Heroine Call Truce

March 2: In Which Our Heroine Gets By Somehow

March 1: In Which No One Smashes Champagne On Our Heroine's Prow

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