May 31: In Which Excuses and Reasons Mingle

May 30: In Which Milieu Gets Our Heroine

May 29: In Which Finland Is The Geek

May 28: In Which Our Heroine Gets Her Head Together

May 27: In Which Neo's Man-Dress Does Not Impress Our Heroine

May 26: In Which We Await Fabulousness

May 25: In Which We Were Not Beaten With Sticks (But Feel Like It)

May 24: In Which There Are Two Dilemmas, A Tiger, and A Drive

May 23: In Which Total Orderings Are Scorned

May 22: In Which Our Heroine Will Be Nr Lk

May 21: In Which We Search For a Unified Theory

May 20: In Which Our Heroine Regains Her Eight-Track Mind

May 19: In Which Our Heroine Turns Thirteen

May 18: In Which I Forget What to Title This Forgotten Post

May 17: In Which Our Heroine Relies On Mosquitoes

May 16: In Which The Little Notes Get Our Heroine

May 15: In Which We See the Strings

May 14: In Which Our Heroine Gets Along

May 13: In Which There Is An Epistle From Zombieland

May 12: In Which It Is a Good Book Day

May 11: In Which It Wouldn't Be The Same

May 10: In Which You Should Guess

May 9: In Which It Happens Again

May 8: In Which Our Heroine Still Has A Pain In The Neck

May 7: In Which Apocalypse Neck Arrives

May 6: In Which Our Heroine Doesn't Care If Monday's Blue

May 5: In Which A Primer Is Sought

May 4: In Which Our Heroine Agitates For Mutant Educational Reform

May 3: In Which We Hear More Bad Words

May 2: In Which We Sing Along With Gollum's Greatest Hits

May 1: In Which Our Heroine Takes A Breather To Work

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