June 23: In Which the Smell of Home Entices Our Heroine

June 22: In Which Our Heroine Is Weak Before the Power of the Book

June 21: In Which Grumpiness Makes Us Happy

June 20: In Which Image Matters

June 19: In Which There Is A Rant Against Pseudo-Vikings and In Favor of Various Canadians

June 18: In Which Time-Consuming Projects Reassure

June 17: In Which Bookbrain Prevails

June 16: In Which Balance Is Sought, Again

June 15: In Which the Watermelon Lurks

June 14: In Which We Keep It Brief

June 13: In Which Our Heroine Is Not Dead

June 12: In Which Our Heroine Returns, With Relief

June 11: In Which The List Keeps Going

June 10: In Which We Stop and Smell the Baby

June 9: In Which Appropriate Weirdness Is Further Confirmed

June 8: In Which Sniffles Are Revealed

June 7: In Which Our Heroine's Weirdness Is Proven Sufficient

June 6: In Which Our Heroine Has a Two-Track Mind, Maybe Four, Tops (But Nothing About The Four Tops)

June 5: In Which The Next Stage Is Recognizable

June 4: In Which Our Heroine Triumphs Over Spaghetti Straps

June 3: In Which They're A Lot of Work, But They're Worth It

June 2: In Which the List Rolls Over Our Heroine

June 1: In Which There Is More Good News From the North

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