September 30: In Which There are--Surprise!--Boxes, And Also A British Empire

September 29: In Which Our Heroine Is a Grown-Up Tiassa

September 28: In Which Some People Are Useless and Others Less So

September 27: In Which the Tetris Goes On

September 26: In Which the Vehicle Gets More Attention Than the Journal

September 25: In Which Our Heroine Grumps At Ads

September 24: In Which It's One Thing After Another

September 21: In Which Various Missions Are Accomplished

September 20: In Which Our Heroine Is the Proactive Kind of Optimist

September 19: In Which Our Heroine Cleans Out, Packs Up, and Generally Keeps Busy

September 18: In Which Things Come Together (Very Slowly)

September 17: In Which Our Heroine Is Pretty Tired

September 16: In Which Hydrangea, Teeny Bikini, and Planetarium Are Considered

September 15: In Which Our Heroine Itches for More Boxes

September 14: In Which Our Heroine Fights Off Nixon's Shoulders

September 13: In Which Our Heroine Does What She Can

September 12: In Which There Is Both Selling And Buying

September 11: In Which Our Heroine Takes Care of Her Corner of the World As Best She Can

September 10: In Which Our Heroine Starts Cranky But Gets Better

September 9: In Which Beastliness Develops Itself

September 8: In Which Our Heroine Attempts Not To Write What She Doesn't Mean

September 7: In Which There Is Much Reading And Some Planning

September 6: In Which There Are Boxes, Pantries, and, Of Course, Books

September 5: In Which There are Fruitless/Fruitful Phone Calls and Fortean Fantasies

September 4: In Which Our Heroine Despairs of Finding Enough Different Titles For This Month

September 3: In Which There Is More House Stuff

September 2: In Which We House Hunt With the Not-Dead Ghost of Emma Bull

September 1: In Which There Are Troopers

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