October 31: In Which Our Heroine Mingles Work And Play and Anticipation

October 30: In Which Many Things Are Put Off, Sensibly

October 29: In Which Our Heroine, The Great Northern Geek, Shelves and Advises

October 28: In Which the Outline May Be Flouted Safely

October 27: In Which the Troubles of the Day Are Sufficient Thereto

October 25: In Which There's No Going Back

October 24: In Which There Is a Reunion of Sorts

October 23: In Which Our Heroine Has 6X10^23 Things To Get Done

October 22: In Which the Librarians Must Grow Accustomed

October 21: In Which Our Heroine Grows Accustomed

October 20: In Which Our Heroine Drives All Over Creation

October 19: In Which Our Heroine Rattles On

October 18: In Which There's Nothing For It But Traipsing

October 17: In Which There Are Wall Scones And Cold Cotillions

October 16: In Which Our Heroine Is Home

October 3: In Which This Is The Last Dispatch From California

October 2: In Which The Frog Is Packed

October 1: In Which The Time Is Drawing Nigh

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