November 30: In Which Our Heroine's Day Lacks Structure

November 29: In Which A Brief Recap Is Given

November 27: In Which We Got What We Were Looking For

November 26: In Which Our Heroine Thinks In Declarative Sentences

November 25: In Which Holiday Preparations Reach Full Swing

November 24: In Which the Waiting Pays Off A Little

November 23: In Which Retrospect Abounds

November 21: In Which the Light Shows Between Tunnels

November 20: In Which Our Heroine Gives Herself a Pep Talk, Complete With Giant Bunnies

November 19: In Which It's Time for the Thwarting To End

November 18: In Which Introversion Can Be Fun

November 17: In Which Our Heroine Gangs Up With Others To Drive Herself Crazy

November 16: In Which There Will Be Space Cookies And Firmly Possible Things

November 15: In Which There is Reading, Voting, and Especially Writing

November 14: In Which Today Can Wait for Tomorrow

November 13: In Which The Great Complicator Rides Again

November 12: In Which Our Heroine Lacks for a Few Things, But Not Much

November 11: In Which Our Heroine Is A Good Cook Despite Ill Effects

November 10: In Which A Pen Is Lost and Priorities Found

November 9: In Which The Library Gets A Bunch Back

November 8: In Which Our Heroine Is Still Thinking About Gingerbread

November 7: In Which Our Heroine Breathes A Little Easier

November 6: In Which Our Heroine Doesn't Quite Make Rant Mode

November 5: In Which The Theme Continues

November 4: In Which Temptation Cannot Be Counted Upon

November 3: In Which It's SNOWING!

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