Mark's grandma Gritter turned 75 on August 13, 2004. To celebrate, we gathered in Michigan.

We went to the Grand Rapids in Grand Rapids, to the dam and fish ladder. No fish, not much for rapids, but purple flowers in abundance.

Said Rapids are visible behind Mark.

Sarah drove Mark, Grandpa Lyzenga, and me out to Muskegon to meet up with her folks for a lunch picnic.

Grandpa Lyzenga and Dave. We walked on the beach.

I didn't think it was any too warm for August, but Dave and Sarah went wading anyway.

The ladybug beetles were everywhere.

Me and Sarah. She had French-braided my hair so it didn't go nuts in the lake wind.

Grandpa Lyzenga and Lin.

Sarah and I are discussing foot positions for karate, ballet, yoga, and various modern dance styles.

Kite! I had never successfully flown one, so Sarah brought theirs.



First time!

Grandpa Lyzenga had flown one before.

Out in the dunes at Muskegon.

Back at Sarah and Jeff's house, Sarah and Lin put together Grandma Gritter's birthday picnic.

Grandma Gritter and her niece Bonnie.

Mark's aunt Karen and cousin Jody.

Jody and Sarah.

Grandma Gritter relaxes with coffee and cake and presents.

That's all!