Mark and I arrived in Milwaukee to find that Daniel and his girlfriend Donna had picked up a new hobby:

Sudoku! The in-flight magazine on their airplane offered a sudoku puzzle, and they were hooked for the duration of the visit.

Sarah, of course, is pregnant. Due in late March. I am beside myself with excitement.

Dave wearing the Santa hat. So far as I understand it, there is no protocol for who wears the Santa hat when. It's just that somebody wears it while presents are being opened, and when they get sick of it, somebody else wears it.

When he saw the Santa hat, Matt decided to get out the hat he got last year in Australia. Very snazzy.

Lin relaxed before presents.

Mark opened a tin of gourmet puppy biscuits for Ista, who was staying in Omaha with her other grandmonkeys.

Sarah opened Dan's silly sibling present this year. Usually Dan gets his sibs and sibs-in-law some kind of toy. This year it was Darth Tater or a Spud Trooper.

Donna helps Dan show off a new outfit.

Jeff watches Matt open his guitar. It's a smaller guitar than he got a few years ago.

Lin opens one of her presents.

Jeff is a bow-icorn.

Sarah opens the dragon we got for the impending kiddo.

Matt gets a pan for use in his new, post-college apartment.

Dave opens something, don't recall what.

Jeff got a globe. Which was pretty cool, we all thought. I think it's the kind that's bumpy, and you can get update stickers if countries fragment or merge or redraw boundaries.