Como Park Conservatory is being named something else now that it's being expanded. I don't remember what. It's okay: I'm not sure you'll remember what, either. It's Como. It's green and lush and lovely in December. It's part of home.

The sunken garden is the most frequently changed of the rooms. It's the most important room to me. Not my favorite (although I'm not sure what that'll be now, since they're doing something else to the poor decrepit fern room, which I loved. I'll just have to wait and see what to love best next.) It's in War for the Oaks, so feast your eyes and imagine Sidhe. It doesn't even take much doing.

It was just lush this time. They picked really velvety, vibrant colors and well-contrasting textures. Such a good Conservatory.

I loved the guts of that little purple flower.

Dan explores the sunken garden.

Our only picture of Sarah with her eyes open is blurry. Sigh.

Dave in the jungle.

Mark! And plants!

This is apparently our only Christmas picture of Linda. She looks more concerned than she usually does. She didn't seem like she was more concerned at the time, so I think this is one of those atypical instants captured on pixels.