Kev came to visit for almost a week. He hadn't seen much of the Twin Cities before that -- Bigdale, essentially -- so there was plenty to show him, and I enjoyed the chance to show off my beloved city and wallow in it.

The first day, I took him to the bookstores and to wander by Lake of the Isles. Lake of the Isles is my family's choice for lakes to wander around or by since before I was born, and before Kev came I was contemplating doing a different one -- Calhoun or Harriet or even Nokomis -- but eventually settled back on Isles. It's shadier, more comfortable, more interesting in shape, features better houses, more gay couples with dogs (and straight couples with dogs, too, and the dogs are the important part)...I just like Isles best.

Kev is standing by the longer, narrower lobe of it, by the way.

That night, Kev and I picked up Timprov and C.J. (pictured above) and went to Minnehaha Falls. Which was gratifyingly full, especially compared to last fall.

Did you know that I love my city? I do.

Timprov lets me take pictures of him if I'm far enough away.

There is a difference between something you know is beautiful and something beautiful you know is yours.

We walked down the Creek all the way to the River and then back again.

"Good," said Timprov, "now stop looking like you're going to hit me." And this is what I looked like thereafter.

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