I got to Minneapolis on a Friday, and the snow was fresh and gorgeous. I didn't get around to taking any pictures until the following Thursday. That was totally all right.

So. Thursday. Here's Heathah with her new small one:

And here's the small one by himself, sleeping:

He's not that small, when you think that he's only four months old. For awhile, I was wondering about these charts, that every baby I met was in the 95th percentile or more. Then I realized: most of the babies I know are ScanAms, at least in part. Which may explain a lot.

Heathah also has two puppies the same age as the kid, Cassie and Raisin. I was pretty busy playing with them when they were around, so I didn't take their pictures. The same went for Gavin's big sister Siri.

The next day, I went with Aunt Ellen and Uncle Phil and their grandchildren, Rebecca and Matthew (my second cousins), to the Science Museum in St. Paul. Rebecca is 9 and Matt is 7, and we had fun.

Here's Rebecca trying on the traditional clothes at the Hmong exhibit.

Here they are on the Mississippi River tugboat on the roof of the Museum, Matt and Rebecca. They were quite enthralled with the tugboat. Matt also likes dinosaurs, so we took a special look at those. There was a pretty nifty time exhibit, too, and I got very many hugs good-bye.

The next day, we went to the Como Park Conservatory, which was a major part of my childhood. Pictures.