Friends and Family Without Journals

My college friend Amber makes her own jewelry. It's really quite nice.

Sarah is my sister-in-law and friend. Her husband, Jeff, also has a website.

My Aunt Mary is a painter, and some of her works can be seen here. Or if you don't have luck with that, the same Minnesota Artists site should let you search on Mary Lingen.

If you're a friend or family member and have a webpage I haven't listed here, I probably have forgotten about it or never knew, so please tell me.

I used to have a section here for weblogs and journals I read regularly. These days this group has been -- not so much dwindling as reformatting itself: mostly I read my friends page on livejournal, which includes several non-lj feeds. It contains an assortment of old friends, new friends, assorted writing people (famous and un), and random strangers who happened by and decided to be friendly, plus some syndicated feeds.

Other Stuff You Might Want To See

I'm up in the air right now, on which online SF mags I read regularly. Stay tuned. Or check my bibliography page--I read pretty much all of those.

SF Site has interesting reviews bimonthly, for the speculative fiction geek.

No one can beat Ralan for market lists. It's just a darn good list. (Ralan, by the way, is the name of the person; the list is Ralan's Webstravaganza, I believe.)

more to come....