The Tube was still out in spots, so we had to take different trains to get to the British Museum than we otherwise would, but it was fine, not a big hassle.

Mark at the British Museum.

The flags were, of course, at half-mast because of the events of the previous day.

They have a sense of scale in this place.

We knew we weren't going to get to see the whole British Museum (like everything else on this trip!), so we picked a few famous things: the Elgin Marbles and the Egyptian stuff.

Mark and bits of Elgin marbles.

Me and a scarab. So many things in the British Museum are so close up. Not all of them, but you can almost put your hand on a lot of things you probably shouldn't put your hand on.

Mother and Dad with a big Egyptian head.

Dad with a Roman head. Umm. Not intended to be a theme, parents and heads.

Mark in the library of the British Museum. Wow.

The garden of the British Museum, featuring Mom, me, Mark, and...umm...those things. That were kind of neat.

And here we are on the steps of St. Paul's. We arrived just after they stopped giving tours, which meant we could get in for free and give ourselves a tour. Neat.

I had run the digital camera out of memory. First time ever. I actually had go to through and delete a few pictures that had clearly come out dark or been of my thumb or something in order to get this far. Happily, Mom bought an extra roll of film, so I have a few more of Friday afternoon:

And here we are with the golden guy. We suspect it's Paul but never made absolutely sure.

Looking at the tourist map of London, we saw that the Old Bailey was not very far from St. Paul's. Mark and I have been watching "Rumpole of the Bailey," so we went down to see where Rumpole worked. And that was our last tourist thing: kind of neat and low-key.

I can safely say we didn't see everything good in London, so I guess we'll have to go back. Sometime; I have other places I want to go first.

Like home.