We arrived in London on a Sunday, around mid-day local time. When we got into our hotel rooms, my grandparents were ready to have a bit of a rest. Mark and I and my parents dumped our luggage off in our hotel rooms and had a good look at the map, whereby we determined that walking up to Hyde Park on a Sunday afternoon was a perfectly reasonable and pleasant-sounding thing. So off we went.

We managed to get across the streets without any family members getting killed. Oof, London driving.

One of the very first things we saw in Hyde Park itself was this set of gates. I'm not sure the metal is really coming across in this picture, but it looked almost like what would happen if Elise decided to design gates.

This is the Crazed Jetlagged Mark. He is amused by the miniature temple (templet? template?) at this entrance.

And then there was the dolphin fountain, and I breathed, "Just like in Mary Poppins!" And my mom and I sighed happily, because we both remembered that chapter.

They had a memorial walk for Princess Diana, so we took a picture, because my grandmother used to follow royalty news a lot more than she does now, and so Diana had been a figure of interest in her earlier life.

We found this funny tree delightful, and we all walked into the middle of it.

Here's Mother and Dad coming out of the tree. (Just as jet-lagged as Mark but somehow less crazed.)

And Eros? I think I said it was Eros.

The paper bark maple was funny and curious and good.

I don't even know what this is. The Wild Hunt, or a section of it? We couldn't find anything about it, but it fascinated me anyway.

We walked home through the Belgravia neighborhood.

That's Grosvenor, who made the neighborhood or at least made it fashionable, and his pups.

The way the houses curved was pretty neat.

We picked up my grands at the hotel and walked to a nearby pub for dinner that night:

Grandma and Grandpa

Me and my grandma.

And that was most of Sunday: crash, sleep, get ready for the real sight-seeing to begin on Monday.