Bath was one of the things I especially wanted Mark to see, as he is fond of ruins.

The main bath from above.

And here we are up on the top floor of the baths building. Mom is once again behind the camera.

Mark and pagan ruin bits. Happy Mark.

Grandpa, me, my father: examining a mosaic.

Mark with a piece of Bath sculpture that got put in the corner of a local church in the Middle Ages.


The old temple steps uncovered.



My boot on some of the lead pipes. Not in the billiard room.

Dad on the spot where Edgar was crowned.

Bath Cathedral.

And from the inside. Mark went in. I was buying biscuits and chocolates next door.

We got back from Bath in time to have supper near our hotel, and then Buckingham Palace was within walking distance, and we weren't too tired, having spent a lot of the day on the bus. So we wandered down to see the Palace. (Unlike Christopher Robin, I can't even say that a face looked out but it wasn't the king's.)

Grandma at Buckingham Palace.

My folks with the gates of Buckingham Palace.

And the grands.

And Mark and me.

We noticed a crowd gathering in the square across from the palace, so we wandered over to ask people what they were waiting for. There was going to be a WWII commemorative event, so we settled in on the pavement between very nice British people from all over and waited for it to start.

At first we weren't quite sure we were going to be able to see the photos of the war clearly enough with the Palace being used as a screen.

Then they cleared up beautifully, and it was really stunning.

They showed images from all over -- the home front as well as the more typical soldiers, tanks, ships, and airplanes -- some really famous stuff and some more obscure images. We talked to the people around us. When the headlines and images from Anzio came on, my grandma was quiet a minute, and then she said, "That's where my brother died." And the woman next to us nodded and talked about her own family, and when the show was over, she and my grandma hugged before we left.

We went to bed thinking we'd know what Thursday would look like.