A view southward towards Half Moon Bay.

Northeast view; you can just see the exit of the river.

The cliff had a large variety of plant life, like these yellow flowers...

and a couple lonely little purple ones.

I'm happy with how this one came out, but I didn't really get close enough to the cliff face that you can clearly see what's going on.

The two flowers in the center with red stems seem like prototypical California plant life: tough, spiky, and alien.

The view back down over the beach parking lot. As we were starting up the cliff, several emergency vehicles pulled into the park. (You can just see a couple of red trucks by the bridge, too.) We don't know what was going on, but the fire trucks and paramedics from at least three different communities showed up.

Dad at the top of the second climb, about as high as we got.

Looking back down on the beach. Just about all the dominant colors of Northern California are represented here: brown grass, green trees and foliage, tan sands, blue ocean. Only pavement is missing. :)

Looking down one of the gullies. The beach below has a huge pile of sand piled up along the cliff here.

Okay, that's all. Home.