We fetched Michelle and Scott up from Hastings, and they drove to Duluth with us.

Marte decided to get married in a park where friendly dragonflies could land on Mark's dress shirt. It was a lovely setting for a small wedding, although I think the poor bride was bitten by mosquitoes and flies throughout the ceremony.

Marte and her dad.

Marte and Tom take their vows.

(Marte is a college friend, part of the Crowd. She met Tom after college, so we only really know him from when she's brought him to other Crowd weddings.)

And there they go married.

Amber was a bridesmaid. I don't know the corresponding groomsman.

Erica, Rachel, and Ben in the receiving line.

Erica, Tom and Marte and Marte's mother, Rachel and Ben.


Michelle, Erica, Ben, and Rachel.


Marte was doing bride stuff, and Em and Erica were off somewhere, but Amber made the rest of us stand still and make a group picture.

And then we went to the reception, pulled a couple of tables together, and spent most of the evening catching up.

And apparently being funny (that's Erica and Em).

Tom and Marte had their first dance. Splendid time had by all, and it turns out that this is a bowling alley where my mom bowled at least once when she lived in Duluth. The world is a small place, strange and wonderful.