July 31: Ceej Mentality
Plus! New! Morphism Reader of the Week!

July 30: Books and Tornadoes

July 29: Picnics By Lakes

July 28: Reading and Reading and Reading

July 27: Creeping Asimovitis

July 26: Birthday Birthday Birthday!

July 25: In Which Tests Are Passed, Preparations Are Made, Coffee Rituals Are Observed, and Floors Are Cleaned (But Not By Me)

July 24: Sleep Equals Negative Six

July 23: Borders of the Land of Naps

July 22: (Literary) Orgasms for Mary Anne

July 21: Purple Screen of Gloom

July 20: Avoiding a Day Job

July 19: Clean Closet

July 18: Paved Peony Park, Put Up a Parking Lot

July 17: Sweet Wittle Tabula Rasa

July 16: Compared To Whom?

July 15: Phthalocyanine

July 14: Let Them Eat Ice Cream

July 13: Projects

July 12: "I Wrote A Book" Dance

July 11: Three, Two, One....

July 10: Designated Relaxation Period

July 9: Airplanes and Celebrations

July 8: Open Letter to the Moth

July 7: Bad Ideas, Book Patterns, and More Bad Ideas

July 6: Splash

July 5: Shucks

July 4: Hippie Music, Scenes from Another World

July 3: A Summer's Tale

July 2: Suju's and the (Not) Moose

July 1: The Singing Tree

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