September 30: Little Kid Time

September 29: Boy Next Door

September 28: Finally Friday

September 27: Week from Where?

September 26: Why Did I Pick a Journal Format That Made Me Choose Titles?

September 25: Problems

September 24: Unending Variety

September 23: Second To Belgium When Going Abroad

September 22: Belligerent Hippie Soundtrack

September 21: Soft Squooshy White Betoothed Heart of Darkness

September 20: Chance Meeting on BART

September 19: Denning Instinct

September 18: Inquiring Grandmas Want To Know

September 17: Elemental, Incremental Adventures

September 16: Hair

September 15: Manifesto

September 14: Full Circle

September 13: Going On

September 12: What We Rely On

September 11: Go Watch the News

September 10: Chocolate and Peer Pressure Cats

September 9: I Like Men

September 8: Inexorably Famous

September 7: Sent For and Couldn't Come

September 6: It's the Heart That Matters More

September 5: Jury's Still Out

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