October 21: You're So Miserable

October 20: Another One!

October 19: Mold and Gouged Eyes (Are Not My Friends)

October 18: Because Bobbie Is the Only One in the World On My Side

Ahem. It is now October 21, and my mother wants me to print a retraction claiming that she is always on my side, so that it can never be just Bobbie. So, okay. Just Mom and Bobbie, then. Now you know.

October 17
Mark, who is mean and sadistic, wants me to go back to having titles, so that he can watch me struggle to come up with them. What do you think?

October 16

October 15

October 14

October 13

October 12: At Length

October 11: Dark Sides

October 10: No Worries

October 9: Have Fun, Learn Something

October 8: Sex First, Then Violence

October 7: Letters of Wreck

October 6: Charge!

October 5: Can't Wait 'Til the Future Gets Here

October 4: Bogon Source

October 3: Errands, Balance, and Ergonomics

October 2: Off the Top of My Head

October 1: Separate But Equal(ly Bad)

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