We kept wandering around the zoo and saw all kinds of night critters and aquarium critters and generally had a good time. But it was hot.

After this one, we were pretty well done. We saw the bears in their caverns, lying around being hot and lapping water, and we thought that was a good idea, so we went home to get cooled down, so that we could go back out again for a picnic at Shakespeare on the Green.

Here is our picnic. Note the lack of Shakespearean figures. We got to Elmwood/UNO to go to "Twelfth Night." We had our lawn chairs, our cooler, our sandwiches, our sunblock...but not our umbrellas. It rained a lot.

So we had our picnic in the kitchen at the folks', since we tried the back deck and that, too, got rained on. We went to see "Finding Nemo." (David asked if that was one of Shakespeare's histories.) It wasn't the same, but it was nice in its own way.

Its own much drier way.

Then many other things happened, la la la, and then Rob and Megan came to see me.

Megan and Rob!

Megan and Rob and me!

(That me is all the link you get to end things; you can use it to go home. I recommend that, really, because there's nothing else to see here.)