I don't think these require all that much comment, actually, because, well, house. I always tell people the wrong things when I give them a tour of my house, because really, if people can't tell the bathroom from the kitchen, they're not invited to my house. So...you'll see. Bathrooms. Kitchen. Etc.

Yep. There it is. That's our house. (As soon as the financing goes through....) We'll probably paint more of the trim in a trim color at some point.

The smear to the right of the garage is where the house numbers are. I think I'd be pretty easy to find and stalk anyway, with such dangerous and insidious items as a phone book, but I'm told one can't be too careful about these things. So. There are a few people who feel better because I blurred the house numbers. If you want to know what they are, ask me, and I'll probably tell you.