We decided to head down to Rosicrucian Park on the afternoon of my actual birthday: the price was right, and it seemed like a fun thing to do before we leave town.

Things went downhill from this statue: we launched into a full-fledged game of If This Was A Tim Powers Novel. Which is probably not downhill in the sense of having fun.

Sometimes it's nice to make up other stories in place of the mythologies they reference.

Mark noticed these weird flowers that looked like scrub brushes. We didn't make up any Tim Powers significance to them, but we probably should have.

This temple was forbidden to non-members, but you could see inside pretty well from behind the fence. (Or so we assume...!)

I suddenly had a moment of wondering what you would get if you searched Google Image on "I" or "me." Hmm. So this is Marissa Lingen with the mini-sphinx. (What has it got in its pocketses?)

(Hey, you play your riddle game and I'll play mine.)

Augustus Caesar is pointing at something. It appears to be the library (as above), but his finger is curled, so we're convinced that it would in fact lead somewhere else, if it led somewhere of mystical significance.